2x Canon 6D or 1x 5D an something cheap

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Re: 2x Canon 6D or 1x 5D an something cheap

When I started in digital (from MF film) it was with a 1DII with a 20D as a backup (the 20D had my long lens)

But if the 1D failed I knew the 20D could get me through the wedding. As the 20 images on one card was all just zooms or images that were not critical.

I would get a single 5DIII and a do not laugh, a used 1DIII as a backup. (about $1200 used in US on ebay)

If you are not worried at all about a 2nd camera with a backup card, a 7D, or higher end Rebel..etc..

lordbeau wrote:

Just weighing up the pros and cons for weddings and so on:

2x 6D bodies so that if one fails, I can just switch over to the other. Also, can use both at the same time with different lenses and the same batteries. Plus I don't feel that I've spent so much on a body like the 5D Mark III. However, only one card per camera (risky).

1x 5D Mark iii and something cheap: nice main body which I would use all the time. Expensive, though. If it fails, I would fall back on something cheap and cheerful such as 650D! Hmm. However, luxury of twin card slots in main body.

Overcall cost, the same.

Any thoughts?

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