16mm pancake?

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Re: 16mm pancake?

blue_skies wrote:

Nexguy wrote:

The lens is not a fixed F2.8.  I think quality control was a major issue with this lens.  My copy is just fine. Others were not so lucky.  It makes a 5N look like an inconspicuous point and shoot camera.

I have two copies of the E16, both are fine. Two friends also both have the E16, theirs are also fine.

There have been bad copies out there, how many, as a percentage, is unknown, but given the high number sold, I doubt that this percentage can be high.

At f/2.8, the corners go soft - see the two shots (one at f/5.6 and one at f/2.8). For 'purist' this is a big deal, and has given the lens a horrible reputation.

In practice, avoid f/2.8. At f/4 the lens is acceptable, at f/5.6 it is pretty usable.

Nex-7 with E16 at f/5.6

Nex-7 with E16 at f/2.8 - also notice the sky color changing

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Wow, avoid 2.8, acceptable at 4, pretty usable at 5.6 !

A couple of 'sharp' claims.

Kind of fits in with what I've been reading. Which is a pity.


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