16mm pancake?

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Re: 16mm pancake?

deryn wrote:

Hi all, can someone direct me to a review of the 16mm pancake lens that is positive? Most of what I have read is not favourable towards the lens. I would like a lens wider than the kit lens and thought this would be good for my F3.

The only gripe I ever had with the lens is that I wished (and STILL wish) Sony did a pancake that's more "normal" in FL - so I don't object to what the lens is so much as what it isn't

That out of the way, I like it well enough.  I have limited use for a 16mm prime, but it's proven handy now & again.  I must have a good copy.  It's very sharp in the center wide open.  I don't really care about corners when I shoot wide open (it's rare that I'm shooting a flat subject, and despite the wide angle, you can easily have corners outside of the DOF at f/2.8).  I'll stop down to f/5.6 for anything where I want DOF and then worst case, the very extreme corners are a bit soft at 100% and not to the point where I think I'd notice in any print I'd make.

- Dennis

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