D600 Oil Spots and Costco

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Re: D600 Oil Spots and Costco

lordbeau wrote:

I don't have a D600 because I have been put off by the oil spots issue. What lenses do you have with the D300s for your son? Do you have to stay with Nikon?

I am seriously thinking of getting a 6D (plus flash and lenses) to go with my D300s because I have had 1x D7000 and 2x D7100 all with AF issues (including left focus issue on one of the D7100 bodies). The D300s is the most recent body that I have had no problems with (except occasional DBS). I would very much like a D600 and even more a D800 but I personally don't trust their QC these days.

He has a 35 1.4 and 70-200 VRII. I would like to convince him to stay with the D300, and buy him a D400 later and avoid the D600. At the moment I can't see him always cleaning the D600 sensor.

I can understand your thoughts. I wold like to not spend a nickel with Nikon until they prove they are back on track QA-wise. I see issues with the D800 also.

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