Pentax Q + 01 8.5mm f1.9 lens

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Re: Pentax Q + 01 8.5mm f1.9 lens

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FWIW: If anyone is interested, there are four Pentax Q + 01 8.5mm f1.9 lenses (two condition LN (one black and one white for $265) and two condition LN- (one black and one white for $254)) at

If anyone is interested, I received my LN black Pentax Q + 01 8.5mm f1.9 lens from KEH. Upon opening the package, my impression is that this is actually a new item. It came packed in the original box with everything that would come with a new one. It looks like it has not been touched since it left the factory. It has firmware Version 1.01 and the first image I took with it showed IMGP0002.JPG. That is a great buy for US $265 IMO. Especially since the 01 8.5mm f1.9 lens is hard to find.

I bought a black kit with 01 prime, LN. Most of the stuff in the box had never been unpacked. There were fingerprints on the LCD, but I don't think the battery was ever inserted.

I'm a little shocked at the ISO performance. ISO 1600 is grainy but the grain looks good. I've since bought a Pentax hood for the prime, a fisheye and the Pentax adapter. I am going to try and return the adapter, I don't think I'll use it. IQ with K-mount primes does not hold up very well. Lots of CA and too soft. I have other bodies for telephoto. My Q kit will remain small.

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That is my though, was shocked that I could get a halfway decent looking 3200 shot from such a small sensor.  Looks like that cheap ASA 400 film you could get at WalMart, or maybe better


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