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I agree with those who advise that a 7D is not a best choice for a portrait camera on a budget. You will be paying for weather-sealing and its ability to shoot fast-moving subjects such as athletes and birds in flight. I use a pair of 7D cameras at work, where weather-sealing is important, and off the clock, the 7D is wonderful for birds, animals, and youth sports, but I tend to use a 5D camera for images of people that are not in motion, and I mean the original 2005-era 5D. Better a 5D with an excellent lens than than a superb sports/action/rainstorm camera with a lesser lens, in my opinion, as people sit for portraits, under civilized conditions. Perhaps an EF 85mm 1.8 lens and a clean, gently-used 5D will fit within your budget; that lens is widely reputed to be a best-bang-for-the-buck portrait lens. I never bought an 85mm, largely because I started with a pre-owned bag of equipment that included a superb Tokina 100mm 2.8 AT-X Macro, which doubles as a very good portrait lens, and 85mm and 100mm are so close as to be near-duplicates.

Edited to add: A pre-owned 40D will have some modern features such a in-built vibration that shakes dust from the sensor's light path at start-up and shut-down, and the ability to control a modern Canon Speedlight with the camera's menu. It may be easier to find a cleaner, more gently-treated 40D than 5D, for a bit less money.

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