Buying the NEX-5R but deciding on a lens... want a portable GOOD camera

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Re: Buying the NEX-5R but deciding on a lens... want a portable GOOD camera

Pi lover wrote:

With the kit 18-55 zoom you've got a decent lens.  It's not likely to be the Zeiss though.  The size of the Nex5 is great and the picture quality impressive.  I find the 55-210mm lens great bang for the buck too.

One thing you're going to find with the 5R is that you only have the back screen to view your pictures.  I'm waiting for the EVF kit (just under $300) because in brighter light the screen becomes totally useless.  It's frustrating to want a shot and not be able to see anything.  The EVF is one advantage the more expensive Nex's have.

The video is great on the 5R.  I use Premiere Elements software to edit and put bits together and title them so I'll know what they are years from now.


Good point about the viewfinder. I will probably end up getting the attachable viewfinder for those rare days when it's THAT bright out (I'm moving away from Seattle, so it's hard to imagine... but I have heard of that thing people call "sunshine").

Good to hear on the video. I really miss having a video recorder for those random times when I want to take video of my kids.

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