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Faketastic wrote:

Full link:

But WHY did he test it on the NEX-7 which is known for having problems with WA?

Photozone is a soso review site, and they seem biased against sony - see previous discussions here.

They rate the Sigma 30mm only 3 out of 5 stars (link1) whereas lensrentals rate it as one of the sharpest E-mount lenses (link2).

Photozone also thrashed the A-mount 11-18 lens (link3) which made me pass up on a very highly discounted deal. Later on, a friend of me who has this lens, showed me quite a few pictures that I would consider more-than-acceptable.

I have since ignored Photozone. Imho, their test methods and their reporting style is flawed.

Also, Photozone whines about Optical correctness and CA in lenses (which shows higher on a 24Mp on a Nex-7, btw), which to me is irrelevant, whether you use RAW or JPG, as you will correct for such aberrations anyways.

If you read some of the comments on their postings (if they are still up), you see that local Nex users repeatedly offered Nex-5N, Nex-6 for testing, with selected lenses, but for some reason Photozone won't test the 'better' combinations. I mean - where is their Nex-7/E24Z combination, or Nex-6/E35? They didn't put up the Sigma test until gen-II was released.

I would ignore the Photozone conclusions, especially their Optical rating. Interesting for legacy glass perhaps, less so for modern, correctable lenses.

From the reviews that I have read, the Sony 10-18 is a respectable WA zoom lens. Top notch? Who knows. Worth its price? People seem to think so. Usable? Definitely.

But to me, the IQ feels similar to the E16+UWA (at f/5.6), I am holding off until the Zeiss 12mm has been reviewed.

Another point - a 10-18mm lens has a lot of distortion in the far corners (stretching effect), even if the lens is super-sharp, the corners will appear 'mush' due to this effect and all super WA lenses that I have looked at have this same effect. Best way to reduce this is to lengthen the FL.

I think that it was jpr2 here on this form, who suggested some 'testing standard' for the Nex community to follow, so we can publish our own findings - anyone with the camera and lens can add to this result, and validate each others findings. This would be more informative than biased reviewers.

To the last bullet - I have followed a number of on-line reviewers over the last couple of years, and each and every one has changed their opinion about the Sony Nex system, basically from "no-way" to "interesting". That to me is also very telling.

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