DISCUSS: Could the Canon 6D become the first DSLR with built-in anti-theft features?

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How it could be done with 6D as-is

plevyadophy wrote:

I am part of the way through reading a very good review of the Canon 6D (review: by David Kilpatrick, British Journal of Photography, pp.78-80, Feb 2013 issue).

The reviewer complains that once GPS logging is enabled, even if the camera is off the GPS logging continues thus draining the battery (I think he said that the battery will be down by a quarter if left unused for a day).

So I got to thinking about one of my long held gripes with expensive digital cams and that is the lack of any anti-theft properties (I think manufacturers should be compelled to implement anti-theft measures just as the mobile phone industry was forced to here in the U.K. (the Home Secretary of the time (a.k.a. Minister of the Interior in other countries) threatened that if the mobile industry did nothing legislation would be introduced, and hey presto!! something was done (even though prior to the threat the mobile phone companies were lying and saying that nothing could be done or it was too difficult to do)).

You see, I am thinking that with a firmware update, or a third-party firmware modification like the ones done by Magic Lantern, that continual GPS logging feature could come in handy if your cam is stolen as it will allow the cam's movements to be tracked and hopefully result in a successful recovery by law enforcement (the police here state that they have something like a 90% success rate in recovering stolen cars if they have been fitted with tracking devices).

What do others think about this notion of mine?

And do you reckon it's something Canon or Magic Lanterrn would be happy to implement?



Since the GPS receiver is just that- a receiver, you need a method to transmit the GPS coordinate data.  This would be accomplished by using the 6D wireless function to connect to a nearby OPEN wireless network, and automatically send an email message to a pre-assigned email.  This still might be tough as many public networks sometimes have login needed to connect.

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