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Re: 3 Try Landscape 16-85 VR

Brev00 wrote:

demarren 123 wrote:

Please comment on the pictures,so I can learn.





I thank you for any contribution.

If I can do something to improve my pictures please let me know.

thank you so mush.

you can view more pictures here.

Be aware of your perspective.  On many of these shots, including the sheep shot, you are shooting outward and up.  Maybe not a problem if you are shooting some flowers from really low on a clear blue day, but here, you are getting a lot of bland surfaces with some glare.   Because of the bright, partly cloudy sky, this is resulting in a lot of bright backgrounds and some bleached out colors.  I tend to shoot when I can, so I am not so much troubled by the conditions--although nicer light is preferred.  But, under tough skies such as this, I would probably exclude the sky from a lot of my shots and try to fill my frame with my subjects shooting down if possible.  I think of photography as an aggressive pastime.  You select from the vast environment a small portion to remove and distill.

Good advice Thank you

I probably would have concentrated on the windmill.  That shot has the nicest colors.  I would have just explored it from different angles, filling the frame even more with closeup details and shooting further away creating environmental portraits of it.  The one obstacle you have here is that the windmill is higher than the land surrounding it.  That is a challenge because you wind up pointing up as you did here.  I might do that thinking I will leave enough space to correct the distortion later.  I might go with a wider angle lens so I can shoot level and crop later.  Or, I might step way back with a telephoto so the rise seems less significant.  There are always choices to use when you approach a landscape.  Returning with an idea of what you want to accomplish is hopefully possible--always with an eye to the available light.


Thank you so mush.

The problem with the windmill is A road is behind  me and water in front of me.

I only have a small pad to take an picture.

on the other side you have the water in the back a small road in the front.

the windmill is on a platform to ,it is high from the ground.

One possibility would be taking an picture farther on the road,that give me more room.

Something for my next try:p

Thank you so mush

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