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Re: Review of 10-18 is up at

Shield3 wrote:

Ralph46 wrote:

I don't have the 10-18 and I doubt that I ever will because of the price. However, I have read many good opinions from posters here and seen many great pictures done with the 10-18. Sony may not be the cheapest brand or have the most outstanding lenses around. But they are surely not as dismal as the Photozone crew (18-55 with 1.5 (!) stars optically, really!) make them out to be. I have bought 2 Sony lenses and am happy with both of them.

I see 2.5 stars optically...???

That's on the 14MP NEX-5. Try here:

The low rating is due to the poor to fair off-center performance at the wider end, high distortion, vignetting and CA.

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