Hard data on raw support speed - Adobe vs Apple

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Hard data on raw support speed - Adobe vs Apple

It is always lamented that Apple is way behind Adobe in supporting new cameras. I wanted to put that to the test and compiled a list of all cameras that received raw support by Apple or Adobe in roughly the last five years (starting with LR 1.2 from Sep 2007 and Aperture 2.0 from Mar 2008). You can view the spreadsheet here. If you find any mistakes, please let me know (the export from Numbers killed the formulas but the numbers are correct).

General observations:

  • Apple supports only about 2/3 as many cameras as Adobe.
  • Apple does not support any Casio, Ricoh, Sigma, Phase One, Mamiya or Kodak cameras (exception SLR/n). Though it does support most of them via DNG.
  • Apple only supported selected MF cameras and after 2010 stopped adding any additional models.
  • Outside of MF, Apple supports basically all ILCs (DSLR + mirrorless) with only a few exceptions (Pentax K-O1, Ricoh GRX, Canon 60Da).
  • Apple last added a Samsung camera in December 2011 (wonder why ;)).
  • Apple supports almost all premium compacts (exceptions are Fuji X10, XF1, Pentax MX, Q10). Only for Nikon and Canon does it support all compacts.

How much faster is Adobe?

  • Apple releases updates actually more frequenctly than Adobe (Apple: 28 since March 2008 vs Adobe: 20), if I counted correctly.
  • But Apple takes longer on almost any measure. Some cameras get support many months later, up to four years later. But Apple also frequently beats Adobe on some cameras. Looking at the median (which is less swayed by extremes), Apple is 42 days later than Adobe. If we however only look at the ILCs from the two big manufacturers, Canon and Nikon, Apple is only 7 days behind.
  • And Apple is getting better, comparing the whole range from 2008 until now and only from 2011 until now, Apple is improving on all measures. And on ILCs from Canon and Nikon since 2011, the median delta is only one day, ie, for almost 50% of those cameras Apple is faster than Adobe.
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