Where to go from a D3100...?

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Re: Where to go from a D3100...?

SNphotos wrote:

Yes my mother offered to pay me for the value of my camera if I do in fact upgrade- so I have a budget of roughly somewhere between $800-1300 to purchase either a new body and/or better lenses.

At first, I did think of just getting better lenses instead of a whole new body but considering the d3100 requires AF-S lenses it is pricier.

My issues with the d3100 started out with its overall handling because it can be pretty slow at times as well as storage capabilities when I do large shoots. But I didn't really think about upgrading until a friend of mine bought a Canon T3i and when shooting with his camera I find everything is much smoother and the photos come out much more detailed and overall more dynamic.

I wish to stick with Nikon but this is why I came to this forum to try and get some opinions on which camera body might be a better upgrade to make my photo quality come out better and provide some ease when shooting.

I am researching the D7000 because that seems like it might be the best step- any more thoughts?

And also- where would be the best place to find one used?

Thanks again!

Ah, so my assumption was correct: You're starting to feel the limitations of the D3100 because of its market positioning, especially since you have a live subject in front of you. It's inhibiting your workflow rather than helping it along.

If you're looking for detailed and dynamic, the D7000 is a good camera to go for. I see it going for as little as $700 used in excellent condition on Adorama and B&H. Again, I'd go for a prime lens better suited to model photography for now (the 50mm f/1.8G) and continue to build a lens collection from there (maybe a decent DX zoom with a constant f/2.8 aperture, or the other f/1.8G primes from Nikon like the 85mm and the 105mm). You can always take those with you when you upgrade again, be it another DX camera or an FX camera.

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