Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

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Re: re: downsides to NIK pre-sharpener tossing aside your RAW file

Brian Thomas wrote:


As I have NIK software, Lightroom and a K5ii I am interested in your experiment.

My main concern is that NIK plugins only work a tiff it creates from the RAW file. I often use Viveza or Silver Efex AFTER I have gotten all that i can out of the RAW file in Lightroom.

You are doing your pre-sharpening before any other processing, right?

Well, I worked mainly with the studio comparison files to study the effect which didn't need any further processing - and thought about workflow issues later ... see my first reply to Robgo2 in this thread ...

If I were to pre-sharpen the files with NIK sharpener I would lose the ability to use Lightroom's tools on the RAW files where I suspect they are most effective. I haven't done tests, but I suspect that Lightroom can to a better job recovering highlights or detail from the shadows with RAW files than it can from pre-sharpened TIFFs.

Haven't checked on that, but would definitely do WB adjustment and lens correction (including CA correction) before using the Presharpener. Would be interesting to see if highlight/shadow recovery suffers after the 14 bit RAW file is converted to a 16 bit TIFF.

One thing though: Used in Photoshop you apply Nik's RAW Presharpener after importing with ACR - and that means highlight and shadow recovery is already being done (along with lens corrections, WB adjustment and so on) before Nik gets the chance to do his thing. So I suspect doing the same things in LR before using the Presharpener should be okay.

Do you agree that you lose something by tossing aside your RAW files at the very beginning?


Or, do you think you can save pre-sharpening until after you've finished processing the RAW files?

As outlined above.

See also my second reply to Robgo2 concerning using LR for capture sharpening - something I'm just beginning to learn with some interesting results. I also begin to suspect that Nik's tools may be a bit better suited to a photoshop workflow and bit less for LR - the extra TIFF files are really cumbersome ...


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