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Re: Canon and Nikon have the competition covered

Very true - just look at the press areas at any event - it'll be a mixture of the two, with no other brand getting more than one or two out of 20 or 30.

My thoughts:

Canon win on market share

Nikon have the D800e with the resolution, but that changes year on year... Nikon also have the advantage of legacy lenses, as do some others.

These two have a clear lead in market penetration, range of lenses and bodies, flash system etc - does anyone else make anything that can even think of competing with a 1DX or D4 (and no, Sony, a 12fps SLT without the pro feature set doesn't count as a D4-killer!)

Then we have the companies that have cornered a section of the market but don't have the overall reach:

Leica have an incredible brand image as a symbol of luxury

Sony have made what is arguably the largest change to the SLR concept since autofocus (the translucent mirror - I fully expect that to be standard once the patent runs out), but are an eletronics company rather than solely a camera one.

Pentax (and maybe some others?) have MF digital backs

Zeiss have the medal for ultra-high-quality lenses, optically, if you don't mind the lack of AF

Sigma are looking pretty exciting as a lens company to watch for the future - they seem to be pushing the boundaries (8-16 DX, 12-24 FX, 18-35/1.8, 150/2.8 macro, 180/2.8 macro, 120-300/2.8 and the Bigma/Bigmos are all without Canikon equivalent)

Then we have the rest!

Honourable mention to m4/3 - which is I think the only example of serious long-term cooperation between otherwise rival companies (Sony pretty much inherited the A-mount from Minolta rather than working concurrently)

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