Anyone know of a trusty lens cap holder?

Started Apr 18, 2013 | Questions thread
scorrpio Veteran Member • Posts: 3,595
Re: Anyone know of a trusty lens cap holder?

Sensei CapKeeper  leash $3 from B&H.   Elastic band goes on the lens barrel, adhesive disk goes on the cap.    All my caps are center-pinch.   All lenses are used with hoods.   Each lens has its own cap leash.

I also take some adhesive-backed velcro.   The 'prickly' part goes on the bottom portion of the hood.   The fuzzy part goes on the lens cap.   If I need to bring camera into action rapidly, I poke at the cap with my left thumb as I lift the camera, and just let the cap drop on its leash.   Then, whenever convenient, I stick the cap to the hood with velcro.   With cap always right next to the lens front, it goes straight back on when I don't expect to shoot for a while.

Don't care if this looks 'amateur'.  It's blasted convenient.

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