Where to go from a D3100...?

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Re: Where to go from a D3100...?

What are your long range plans? stick with the DX system or go to FX? me I'm still shooting both and just for fun, no business intentions at all, but reading your post and those responding, I agree with some, my thoughts are forget any Nikon mid to low level bodies, I'd say the new D7100, would be the lowest camera to consider, you do want duribility? in DX a D300 used or new 300s plenty of staying power and build quality, 5K series forget them, don't rule out a new or used D700, to get into FX and if you can squeeze it a used D3.

A D3 and D5 series cameras are not cameras to work in a photo business, think better Nikon cameras even if you have to but used.

I shoot a D90, for fun, Ad200 for wildlife and to volunteer to our local zoo, and D700 for my own creativity, I can't consider the D800 or D600 for a long time, I don't want to mess with issues, and I'm not ripped about the 7100, so I along with many others set on sidelines waiting for a D400.

As for lenses I only have two DX lenses a Sigma 17 70, and Nikon 10,5, so to go just FX is no problem.

Good luck and this is just my 2 cents.


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