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+1 on media center use (with browsers and more, too)

Richard wrote:

I know people who use a TV for their computer all the time especially in a media center setup and it works perfectly. I have a 1080p 144" screened 3d projector in my media center connected to a media computer. Depends what you are going to do with it.

That's big (144").

My TV is smaller than yours.  But, I have an Android 4.x based set top box connected to a 1080p LED TV (and I don't know the panel type, but it looks fine after tweaking the settings), and it actually works quite well.   I use browsers like Chrome, Dolphin HD and more with it; along with tons of apps for viewing media content (both locally and from web sites).

I use Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard that has a built in trackpad with it (as it's range is great, and all I needed to do was plug in the wireless dongle into a USB port on the set top box, and it recognized the keyboard just fine).   Android uses linux "under the covers", so most wireless keyboards work fine with those types of set top boxes that have USB host ports.

That way, I can use my TV's display like any other computer display for browsing content from a recliner (including doing things like reading my favorite web sites, checking e-mail, etc.).  I just keep the Dolphin HD Browser setup so that it reports that that I'm using a Desktop Browser via the User Agent String (so that I get the normal web sties designed for desktop use; versus a scaled down mobile version, since the web sites don't know I'm really using Android)

I think it probably depends on the panel type the TV you buy is using (as a TN panel is not going to be as good as some of the other panel types around), as well as how you set up the display (as by default, most of them are a bit too "contrasty", but you can probably adjust them for a more neutral display output.

That's what I needed to do with my latest TV (change it from the defaults, since the defaults were not very suitable for seeing more detail in shadows and highlights, due to higher contrast, saturation and sharpness settings).  But, it let me setup a custom profile that allowed me to use more conservative settings for those parameters and it works fine that way (and with 1080p resolution, I can read the text on web sties just fine from across the room while sitting in a recliner, using a wireless Logitech K400 Keyboard with it).

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