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Re: re: on the contrary - in-camera corrections MASK a true optical IQ...

bill hansen wrote:

Keith and jpr - I think we'll all have to learn to use DXO, PT lens, or some other program which corrects lens distortions, CA, etc. Since I shoot RAW almost all the time, I know I'll have to do that. I have skipped over those correction programs during my Canon years, but I'll need them now.

None of these programs will correct decentring. Sony does seem to have a real problem with quality control on its lenses.

I think it may be acceptable for a cheap lens (such as a kit zoom) to have simple barrel or pincushion distortion that needs software correction, I do not think other faults are acceptable. The idea that you can sell a bad lens and correct in software will not do, even for cheap lenses. It might pass on a phone.

In the case of a fairly expensive lens like the 10-18, users are entitled to expect good correction of aberrations in the lens itself, and very good quality control.

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