Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

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Re: One of the things I mean to try is ...


I have never been terribly impressed with LR/ACR's sharpening, but your experience may differ.  I believe that ACR has both deconvolution and USM.


To be honest I never fiddled much with LR sharpening because I usually did output sharpening only. Now with the AA filter thing I began to wonder. I just tested sharpening controls in LR, and have to say that especially in combination with the masking filter LR sharpening is not that bad IMO. For a RAW capture sharpening of a K5II file an amount of around 60-70 combined with radius 1.0 and detail set on 25 (or lower) seems to work fine - and unwanted noise sharpening on uniform areas like a blue sky you can eliminate easily using the masking slider as needed.

I really like the "Alt"-press while adjusting the sliders - gives on a very good sense of what one is actually affecting.

I also tried LR sharpening on the dpreview comparison pic now and got almost the same result as with Nik's Raw Presharpener. I have to conclude that it is usable. At least it's much faster than Nik's.


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