NO More D660 OIL threads PLEASE

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Re: NO More D660 OIL threads PLEASE

Rbrt wrote:

I am very happy to see these posts and look regularly for posts that say "I bought a D600 with serial no such-and-such and after X,000 clicks, no oil spots!"

When I see that, THEN I might decide to buy one. As long as I keep seeing posts that say people are having this problem, I will keep looking until I find a suitable camera.

I thought the D600 was going to be it, but sadly, so far it is not.

There have been several posts like this. Unfortunately it doesn't mean anything because not all D600 have the spotting problem. So, one clean camera does not mean all from that point on will be clean.

There have also been multiple posts about Nikon service centers replacing the shutter and the problem going away. Then there have been multiple posts (often redundant posts by the same people) claiming that their D600 has been repaired numerous times and still spews spots.

I don't see how this issue can be resolved on this forum. We've had reports that Nikon is fixing the problem, and we've had claims that they are not.

A few angry people want to see this issue stay at the top of the forum, and many of us are tired of their whining.

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