Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

Started Apr 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Didn't forget to deactivate default LR sharpening after all ...

philzucker wrote:

philzucker wrote:

  • I then imported both files to Lightroom 3.6 (default settings) 

Uh, oh - found a flaw here in my workflow: default settings in LR 3.6 (or any other version) also means default sharpening for imported DNGs is turned on. Tend to forget that. I'll have to redo my tests with this default sharpening turned off, because Nik's RAW Presharpener is intended to run on non-sharpened raw files. I'll report back here if I'll find a significant difference in the end result ...

It's even worse than I thought - just checked everything, and found out that I forgot that I didn't forget to turn default LR sharpening off. So everything I said in my original post is correct.


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