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Re: Sub-mirror failure

Wyvern03 wrote:

  What I see in both the LCD in the back, and on the pic when I use my card reader, is only the top of the image. If the mirror is taking its sweet time to get out of the way, that would certainly explain it. My other 300D works fine, which is why I bid on this one just for the grip. So, I'll play around online, and perhaps see if I can fix the mirror thing... if not, I'll just post it on ebay again. The price I paid for all ($38) is fine for the grip, so I'll be happy if I get anything at all for the camera. And if I can actually fix it, better still, although I'll still want to get rid of it. Got too much stuff as it is...

Here is the article I used to repair my broken sub mirror. It also describes the issue in some detail.

Just make sure that you also go to radio shack and get a 1k ohm resistor to discharge the flash capacitor ... I got a very nasty shock while repairing mine. Proceed with care as the capacitor holds a very dangerous 400 volts of potential, but the repair works.

Read this version to see how to discharge the capacitor:

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