Why so few 60D posts here?

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Re: Because it's obsolete

scorrpio wrote:

Canon saw fit to split its X0D line and I think it was a great move.

60D has advanced controls, prism finder, shoulder LCD, body form factor of the X0D line.   It features 1/8000 shutter, 1/250 flash sync, wireless flash control, weather sealing, higher shutter life.   It has better AF, better sensor, better screen than 50D.   It may have slightly lower burst speed, but the RAW buffer is still 16, not 6 like on the Rebels.   And of course, there is a very comprehensive video package there.  The body is not magnesium, but 60D is a tough bugger, and its fiber-polycarb body holds its own very well.   I will not be surprised if we see carbon fiber pro bodies before the end of the decade.   These modern polymers are incredible.  About the only thing that 50D has over 60D, and which I would want to have, is MFA.   But so far, I did not actually NEED it.

So, Canon gave customers a great choice - a less expensive but every bit as good, and in some ways better, body, for those who do not need the extra speed, or a slightly more expensive body featuring the AF system and frame rates rivaled only by the 1D line.

The positioning of 60D is about perfect.   It makes for a very natural leap from a Rebel line to the next level, and encourages one to take photography to the next level - which for Canon, means more sales in lenses, flashes and likely better bodies in the future.   Compared to a camera like T2i, which is not bad by any means itself, 60D is an absolute joy to handle and use.

Maybe that is why there are so few people here complaining about it.

Beautifully stated, and I couldn't agree more. Add Magic Lantern firmware and it becomes one of the most sophisticated and versatile cameras available.

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