Do you guys use VR on or off mostly?

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Re: VR is a compromise

A stable camera always  wins over VR. If the camera is stable the image will be shaper without VR. VR involves a "vibrating" lens element that degrades image quality. But if your handshake is strong enough the VR will give you an acceptable image, but not as good as if the  camera would have been stable without VR.

Nikon therefore only makes VR for professional lenses where it is needed the most (long lenses where the effect of handshake is critical. Nikon and Canon do not have VR on their 24-70 for a reason.

VR on wide lenses is a challenge as the negative effects are stronger than on lenses with a narrow angle of view due to  the way VR works: . Case in point corner and edge performance of the 16-35mm f/4 VR.

Use VR only when needed.

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