That "L" lens "look" - Canon v Sigma 35mm1.4

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Re: That "L" lens "look" - Canon v Sigma 35mm1.4

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So what do you think? Does any undefinable quality of the Canon lens overcome the technical superiority of the Sigma lens?

I have used both and settled with the Sigma. I liked it just a bit more - and value wise, in my personal opinion, it is a clear winner.

But, as you say, it is very subjective, and there certainly is room for disagreement (as there should be in any rational discussion about which of two fine lenses is better!)

Depends on whom one is disagreeing with. I wouldn't want to disagree with a moderator. Bad things could happen. he he

LOL.  I learn not to dispute with mods endlessly.  I said what I want to say once and I am sure what I said usually doesn't end as the last say in the chain

I neither agree nor disagree, or care really, but I wouldn't buy a Sigma lens under any circumstances. That is my narrow minded biased personal choice, which should be allowed with or without the proper charts and blog links.

Well respected as everyone has his/her priority. Personally I'd pickup Sigma 35/1.4 based on all reviews.  Nevertheless I picked two best Canon F2.8 zoom that maybe only 10% better than third party's ones despite 80% more expensive. To me it’s case by case consideration on third party lenses.

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