Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

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Re: One of the things I mean to try is ...

philzucker wrote:

Robgo2 wrote:

Photo Ninja's sharpening is a deconvolution process, and I can attest that it is excellent, the best, in fact, that I have ever used.  There are other programs that offer deconvolution--ACR/LR, DxO, Photoshop (Smart Sharpen), Topaz In-Focus and others.  I do not know if Nik's Pre-sharpening is deconvolution as well.

Neither do I, Rob. But thanks for mentioning it. If I find a minute I'll try to replicate the results I got with Nik's RAW-Presharpener with LR's built in sharpening tools.

NIK's RAW-Presharpener in LR is a bit cumbersome to use - it's not only time consuming, but since you can't apply it to the raw file you have to be careful when to use it (e.g. only after lens corrections) - and of course you have the penalty of an extra 16 bit TIFF file cluttering up your hard drive ...

Well, bottom line is that I won't use pre-sharpening that often anyway, only on those occasions when I go for that big print and every pixel counts!



I have never been terribly impressed with LR/ACR's sharpening, but your experience may differ.  I believe that ACR has both deconvolution and USM.


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