LX7 ~ how is the camera for family shots

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Re: LX7 ~ how is the camera for family shots

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For example, I am looking for a smaller camera I could take to a restaurant or family gathering rather than bring my DSLR. I also like to travel and the LX7 looks great for that.

Some of the pictures I have seen of people don't quite look in focus. It looks like the camera was focusing more on the back ground. Does the LX7 let you manually focus anywhere? Like if I wanted to focus on the eyes or the left side of the screen rather than the middle etc, can you move the focus point around?

thank you

Can you show an example of what you mean? Because I find I get "too much" in focus. With a small camera it's much harder to get those nice people pictures where the people are in focus and the background is nicely blurred. On the other hand, that same problem of physics/more DOF makes is easier to get what you want in focus, since more of your shot is in focus!

As for focusing where you want, I have been using the typical half-press shutter and reframe of all P&S cameras. But I have recently learned that it IS possible to manually move the single-point focus frame to wherever you want it. I haven't tried it yet, it seems rather slow to me. But maybe other people have tried it and can weigh in.

As for indoor shots with no flash, it's good and bad. The LX7 actually has a much wider lens than a DSLR with typical kit lens, so you can get some very good low-light pictures that way. But if you open up all the way and there is still not enough light to get low ISO, it is a lot more challenging to shoot at ISO400-1600 with the LX7 than with a DSLR. That's not to say that you'll never get a great shot at those ISOs, it's just harder. (at least, I find it harder.)

I am enjoying my LX7 for family shots, unfortunately I don't post pictures of my family here so you'll have to take my word for it!


My Fn button is custom set to AF mode. This speeds up moving the AF point on the LX7. Within a few button clicks, you are repositioning your AF point. You can adjust the size of the AF box (I use the smallest).

I have the LX7 and D7000, I bought the LX7 last fall and the D7000 in maybe Feb/Mar. It's hard to pinpoint why the results vary, since there are so many factors, but I'd say PDAF vs CDAF makes a big difference if you have young kids. If you don't have young kids, DOF on the LX7 should make things easier. Lens quality on the Nikon also makes a difference. In my limited experience, I am quite happy with LX7 portraits as long as the subject is stationary and light is sufficient.

Getting the eyes nice and sharp is relatively doable on the LX7 when your subject is stationary. This photo is unedited SOOC. Indoors, be prepared to adjust WB in PP (or custom WB before shooting), and make sure you have enough light to keep ISO low.

I just picked up an 85 mm 1.4D for my D7000, so part of it is still learning the equipment, but I am working harder to get sharp shots on my kids, even with PDAF for moving subjects. I suspect it's just harder due to thin DOF.

The LX7 is a nice package that's portable. Sharp f/1.4 lens, landscapes, portraits, ND filter, macro, advanced video, there's a lot built into the LX7 that really costs a pretty penny to replicate on the likes of a D7000.

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