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Re: Please see verybiglebowski's comparison with Nikon 14-24

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To all those obsessing over the graphs, charts and the "corner issue" with the NEX-7, then may I suggest you see VBL's blog with field test shots and not silly charts.

Given the Nikon is an excellent yard stick for sharpness and highly regarded, I think the Sony does an excellent job to the point that noone would tell them apart even on a large print. The differences are almost immeasurable.

Yeah, why have a look at charts made in a controlled, repeatable way when you can do uncontrolled, subjective tests in changing enviroment?

Test charts are just test charts, in-field test shots (such as that link provided) compared directly with known excellent lenses help to put the test charts into practical context.

Why are you filled with such angst over this lens? If you're so upset over these test charts, you should reconsider your hobby in photography. There's more than enough evidence out there that the 10-18 is a very excellent lens with great results that I can confirm first hand - it's by far better than any other UWA I've owned.

My only big gripe with the 10-18mm is that there appears to be a question mark over Sony's QC - my first copy suffered from decentering most evident at 18mm and f/4. I've returned it for another copy. The jury is still out on Sony's QC, but if you get a good one then it's very good indeed.

"Angst towards"; where do you find this?

I can assure you that MTF is used during design and verification at Sony. They don't send out a guy with average photo skills to shoot the scenery. Sharpness is best tested in MTF chart. Bokeh is best tested in the field et.c.

If I remember correctly I only debated photozones method of testing- being involved in testing of technical equipment for 15 years I know a good test when I see it.

Why are you upset?

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