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Maybe this is more than you wanted to know

Gingertwist wrote:

Some of the pictures I have seen of people don't quite look in focus. It looks like the camera was focusing more on the back ground. Does the LX7 let you manually focus anywhere? Like if I wanted to focus on the eyes or the left side of the screen rather than the middle etc, can you move the focus point around?

Good, that helps. Manual focus is a bit of a problem for a lot of compact cameras. There's nothing like a focusing ring right on the lens barrel to facilitate manual focus. I use my LX7 quite a bit for people pictures, and in indoor lighting the fast lens is a real help. But unless the subjects are really mellowed out (i.e., not moving much), I don't mess with manual focus because on the LX7 it's manipulated by a little lever that's kind of squirrely. It's helped by a magnifier that appears in the EVF, but because it's so easy to overshoot with lever control, it can be hit or miss.

That said, the LX7's autofocus is quite quick, and you can control a single focus area to be quite a small portion (or larger portion, if you wish) of the view frame. And if that's not enough, face detection works a lot better than I would have expected.

My indoor shots of people often draw me to my FZ200 instead of the LX7 because of the reach and because I like head-and-shoulder shots. The longer lens gets me there. Both these cameras have relatively fast lenses (esp., the LX7, of course), but they're llimited in usable ISO. Fortunately, the place where I do a lot of my shooting is sufficiently bright that I can get away with no higher than ISO 400. The problem for me is, I like to be able to see eyelashes and flyaway hair clearly, and over ISO 400, this tends to get lost in noise (or noise cleanup) with either the LX7 or the FZ200.

As eP wrote, the focus problem with the LX7 often tends to be too much focus than too little, because of the small sensor. It's a world different from even your D7000, pretty much whatever lens you hang on it.

Are there better compact cameras from the point of view of low light capability and focus on faces? I really don't know. I'll be watching in case you find one. Good luck.

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