Small/phenomenal manual legacy prime lens

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Re: Small/phenomenal manual legacy prime lens

mgn2 wrote:

Thanks - these are very interesting and something I hadn't considered.  I should have used another word instead of phenomenal! The darkened corners don't look too bad to me. The Cosmicar looks good, but its f2.8. What is your favorite c-mount that is f1.8 or f1.4?

Cosmicar is f2.8, but then it is truly tiny. It's about the same height as Sony 16mm pancake, but around 1/3 of diameter (Panasonic and Sony pancakes are about the same size).

If you do want a faster lens, there is 50/1.4 Cosmicar. Optically it's as good or better than a smaller brother, but it's not so tiny anymore and crucially the mount needs to be machined slightly to obtain infinity on NEX. There is also very good Cosmicar 75/1.4, but it's about the size of an average SLR 85mm/1.8 lens.

Here are some of the shots of 50/1.4 Cosmicar.

Size comparison with Canon FD 50/1.4

Unusual triangular aperture

Wide base: needs to be machined to obtain infinity on NEX

Now the shots with 50/1.4 Cosmicar

Wide open

Wide open uncropped

Wide open: note the swirling bokeh.

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