Buying the NEX-5R but deciding on a lens... want a portable GOOD camera

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Re: Buying the NEX-5R but deciding on a lens... want a portable GOOD camera

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One thing you're going to find with the 5R is that you only have the back screen to view your pictures.  I'm waiting for the EVF kit (just under $300) because in brighter light the screen becomes totally useless.  It's frustrating to want a shot and not be able to see anything.  The EVF is one advantage the more expensive Nex's have.

I find the screen is perfectly visible when set to "Sunny Weather" brightness. This does drain the battery faster, however.

I've had it on maximum brightness and couldn't see a thing, regardless of which way  I tried to shoot.  Snow and a bright day may be something you never get where you live.  Battery life isn't a concern since I have 3 batteries.


I live in the desert where sun is a near-constant.  Snow, not so much, so maybe that is an issue. "Sunny Weather" mode works great for me; I rarely feel the need to use the EVF.  I think Sunny Weather mode changes some other settings besides just brightness, it apparently does something with the color and contrast of the screen as well.

I'm very surprised that you can't see "a thing" if you are using the Sunny Weather setting.

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I can step out in the sun today on a spring day and seeing the screen is a piece of cake.  Out in the sun with the white snow was brutal.  I can't remember if I had the Sunny Weather setting on but I remember finding something about brightness and it didn't help.  The screen just didn't cut it.  I'm sure the EVF will.

Thanks for pointing out the Sunny Weather option.


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