12MP, 16MP or 24MP for the 17-55 lens?

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Re: 12MP, 16MP or 24MP for the 17-55 lens?

mistermejia wrote:

Hi guys,

okay, let me ask this in the simplest possible way.  For you actual  17-55 owners, have you used different MP bodies on the 17-55 2.8 lens?

I'm not an actual 17-55 owner ...

I just want to get THE BEST possible IQ out of this lens,

Why ?

Are your photographic needs that arbitrary ?

I use the 70-200/2.8 on a 16MP APS-C sensor.  Used on the D800 (or D600 or even D3200) I'd get results that can be printed bigger.  But I don't need to print bigger just because I have a sharp lens.

but i am not sure what body would work best,

Work best for what ?

if a 12, 16 or 24 MP.  Do any of you here have experience in this matter.  I am thinking that 12MP might be too low for this lens, and i am thinking that a 24MP is too much, perhaphs right in the middle would be best ??

There's no such thing as "too much"; only diminishing returns.  OTOH, there can be too little, but that depends on your needs, not the lens.

With a 24MP camera and this lens not having VR i am thinking i might encounter a problem with the "technique" issue because of the high resolution and stuff.

Your results with 24MP won't be any worse than your results with 12MP.  Unless you insist on judging based on 100% views.

What are your thoughts? I mainly shoot portraits for kids/family/friends.

How big do you print them ?  If you're talking about posed photos or even modest candids that don't require much in the way of AF or responsive direct access controls, then any camera you're comfortable using works fine - make sure it has the flash/lighting features you need.  Go for the state of the art sensor in the D3200.

- Dennis

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