Would you buy a 50mm equivilent x100

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Re: Would you buy a 50mm equivilent x100

shigzeo ? wrote:

LowlightShadows wrote:

What about X-E1 + 35mm 1.4 then ?

The 35/1,4 is HUGE! It is much easier to get a fast rangefinder 35 (money is an issue often unless voigtlander) that is much smaller and better for natural focusing. But having two cameras (for me), one wide and one normal/long is the way I'd rather roll rather than switching lenses all the time.

Well that is the first time I have ever heard the 35mm 1.4 be described as huge!  The XE1 with 18mm is probably a similar size to the x100, the 35mm isn't a great deal larger than the very small 18mm!

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