D7100 or K-5IIs

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Re: D7100 or K-5IIs

Good advice here and I was faced with a similar decision recently - K5/K5ii or D7000 (D7100 was slightly out of my price range)  In the end the solution was to go and handle them.  The Pentax felt far better built and less 'plasticky' - because it has a full magnesium and steel body (more like the Nikon D600/D800 etc or Canon EOS7D/5D.  The feel of a camera is very important to me.  The fact that the Pentax was more compact too and thus easier to carry around in bags and cases was an advantage although I do have large hands.  I figured if I want to make the Pentax bigger I can add a grip.  If I want to make the Nikon smaller I can't.

Both are superb cameras, they'll all realistically be better than the talent most of us on here warrant so I wouldn't worry about either in performance terms (though if you want fast telephoto lenses to shoot motor racing or airshows or sports then you pretty much have to go for Canon and Nikon unfortunately as only they offer very fast and expensive lenses)

Enjoy choosing!


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