The goal - First, grab your attention. . .

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Re: 2nd goal - Tell a story. . .

Bob Tullis wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Excellent photos that does what I think photos should do.

When I say "Tell a story" I don't mean a full Stephen King novel, instead get the viewer thinking about what is going on in the picture and do a good job at expressing the environment.

We used to play a game with our kids where we would look at 1 photo and make up a story that fits the image.

I've thought about that a lot.   But invariably in the field I basically see a graphic arrangement that appeals to me, but 'story' doesn't come into play when engaged.  Some exposures will have the potential to invoke a story of some sort.  Actually, for something I like I'll review it periodically to see what associations come to mind (like the game you and the kids play) - even if only to have a theme to introduce them in the forum [g].

The theme that you used to introduce this set is universal and powerful.

Are you saying that the theme did not (consciously) guide you when positioning the camera during the exposures?

ie, did the theme came to you after you'd looked at the imagery and started triaging for the forum?

In any event, I've come back to your visual essay several times over the last day or so.... to try to learn more about your execution of this theme.  For me 5 of the 6 images are very engaging and instructive.

"The goal - First, grab your attention ... capture your eye so to speak, then guide it about while keeping it on a leash so it doesn't leave the frame."

Is a great topic sentence for a paragraph.   I believe that we'd all appreciate more of that paragraph!

Thank you,


PS  I see that you shot the BBG in late afternoon (EDT?).   Do you get a black sky with some sort of jiggery pokery using "filters" to take out the blue in post processing??

Here's a post-developed story. . . a wonderful day in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, good sunshine, a riot of spring budding, an orchid show, owls and hawks (alas, didn't have the right lens in tow). . . and what do I come up with at the high point of the collected exposures?   "What wrong with me?" is the theme here [g]

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