Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

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Kata Lightri is the best ever

The bag issue is so subjective that I don't know if specific suggestions help. Equally, the bag is THE most important thing.

I would use a Kata Lightri torso pack (several sizes are available depending on how/big stuff you've got). There's nothing better for a small kit that doesn't hurt your shoulders (very wide, padded neckstrap), can stick to your body (rather than dangle from your shoulder), allows the bag to be on your front or your back (just by rolling the neck strap up or down), enables lens changes as soon as you can pull open the top double zip (the compartments are side-by-side at the same level), and is well padded and superbly built.

I use a Lightri 312 to carry a D7100, 35 1.8, 85 1.8, and 18-105 in its three compartments. If I foresee no need for the 85 (e.g., I'm only doing large DoF scenics), I can use the third compartment for filters. I use the same bag for a mirrorless kit. The Lightri sits so well on the body that I don't remember which kit I've got in it when I'm wearing it. This bag is so good for travel and hiking that instead of always looking for bags to carry a changing kit, I now design the kit to fit the Lightri. I've got to the point that I now limit my kit to what I can carry in the Lightri. This way, I get to always bring everything I've got, and can use any of the 3 lenses whenever I please. I've done arctic Norway to tropical India with the Lightri. No problem carrying it alongside a separate backpack full of non-photo stuff either - just slide it to your front and click it in place before putting on your backpack. Also, if you can keep that backpack relatively empty when you board your flight, you can slide the Lightri into it and still fit the backpack into the hand luggage size gauge.

The Lowepro slingshots are popular but they are bulky and cumbersome compared to the Lightri.

To repeat the single most useful thing I've learned in all my time in photography - don't look for bags to fit your kit. Find the bag that hits the spot and stick to kits that fit it.

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