Do you guys use VR on or off mostly?

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Re: Do you guys use VR on or off mostly?

I think as Leonard says above, there are many different versions of VR in use. This is further complicated as Nikon uses the suffix II after VR not in reference to the VR but to the lens - i.e. the AF-S 200/2 VR and VRII may have the same VR system (which I suspect).

I have three Nikon telephoto lenses with VR - the 70-200/2.8G VRII, 200/2G VRII, and AF-S 80-400 VR.

The VR in both the 70-200 and 200 seem very similar in effectiveness and I think that best results will be achieved with high enough shutter speeds and VR off. On a D800 viewing at 100%, there seems to be slight degradation with VR on at these shutter speeds. VR on both of these isn't really reliable enough to depend on.

The latest iteration of VR on the new 80-400 however is in a different league and doesn't seem to have any negative effects and I would just leave it on, except for tripod (maybe).

It really depends on the lens.

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