The best camera company

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The best camera company: Apple, obviously

"Best camera company" = troll bait.

People can argue for all eternity about what camera they "like" or the brand they "think" can take good pictures.  Honestly, the camera accounts for only about 20% of the result.  80% depends on the photographer and the subject.

The only thing one can quantify indisputably is which company makes the most profit by selling devices that include cameras.  Phone cameras are the most abundant photographic device and ergo the most popular and preferred.  Apple sells more than any other single firm, makes the most profit, and (despite a share price sag) has the greates market capitalization.

Canon is tiny compared to Apple and makes more money from printers and ink than from cameras.

Nikon is smaller than Nikon and its total profits are a drop in the bucket from a global vantage.

SFAIK, none of the other competitors is making any money at all from cameras per se.  Fuji reports a consolidated profit, but loses on cameras.  Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus have all lost heaps of money.  Implosion of P&S sales, in part due to smart phones, makes the camera business a very poor field.

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