Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

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Re: I'm Convinced, now how to carry it.

Thomas Milner wrote:

Thanks all for the convincing replies.  I would be quite dense not to take it. And would probably regret for a long while.

Now the question is how to carry it.  I have a Blackrapid strap which would be my first choice.  Unless the clouds and rain are settling in.  I also have a lowepro top loader which I could attach my gorillapod to, when rain looks apparent. I also have a lowepro  slingshot 200,  but I'm not sure I want to carry such bulk.  I've thought about the think tank sub urban series.  I guess my main need is lightweight , hold my d7100 plus 16-85' plus sigma 10-20 for interiors (maybe), plus gorillapod for low light shot and group shot. (including me).  Ideas?

I would recommend what I've used for several years on many international trips to destinations like yours - the ThinkTank ChangeUp, now in its 2nd iteration and even more of a good camera bag than the V1 was/is:

The biggest advantage of this bag over the SubUrban series is that it's soft, thinnish, and has a hideaway waistbelt that is a Godsend at keeping your shoulders happy. You can work very quickly out of it, carry it in several different ways, and not have to worry about whether someone is going to nick your camera on a sling.  It's big enough to carry what you're planning, and has a thin interior pocket useful for a small tablet like a Nexus 7 or one of the thinner guidebooks or city maps.  Useful pockets all around.  Not as briefcase-like as the SubUrban, but I find it way more practical and just about as stealthy.

A bit more on the waist/shoulder belt scheme: the idea is to pop the waistbelt out when doing a lot of walking and thus carry the weight on the hips.  You use one shoulder strap, across the body, then if you want to take a picture, you just release the hipbelt and hip-flick the bag to the front to work out of.  Simple, easy, quick, safe.  I use a variation on this when just carrying from the shoulder: flip out the belt wing on the side that you normally rotate to the front, and hook in the shoulder strap to that wing rather than the bag. Makes for a much more comfortable carry and sucks the bag into the small of your back so that it doesn't bounce when you walk, and your hips carry part of the load.

Very very strong recommendation.

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