Lack of VR in Nikon 300mm f4 - big deal or not?

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Re: Lack of VR in Nikon 300mm f4 - big deal or not?

Here's the 300mm f/4 AFS with a 1.7TC, wide open on a D90.  This was pretty much taken at sundown, so a Manfrotto monopod was used; my shutter speed was only 1/80" (ISO 640).

This is the 300mm f/4 AFS (no TC), mounted on a D300, stopped down to f/5.6.  Shot hand-held in the middle of the day, with a shutter speed of 1/1000" (ISO 800).

Again the 300mm f/4 AFS is bare, but this time wide open on a D700.  Hand-held, the shutter speed was very high, at 1/4000" (ISO 1400).

While I don't own any of the Sigma superzooms, my limited experience with them leads me to believe there's no way their autofocus systems would be able to keep up with a powerful bird coming straight on, like the Great Horned Owl, nor would they do a terrible good job trying to track a fast and erratic little Kestrel in flight.

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