Which is more economical on inks? Epson/Canon

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Re: Which is more economical on inks? Epson/Canon

Tom-C wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Tom-C wrote:

Do you mean the Epson R2000? I'm not aware that Epson has a current 2100 model.

See the printing cost reports at:


Their tests show a cost of $1.29 to print 11x14 with the Epson R2000 and $2.16 for the Canon Pro-10.


There was a 2100 in the UK, i think it was called the 2200 in the US.

I'm aware of the old 2100/2200 printers. That's why I said "current" 2100 model. I thought it unlikely that he was planning to buy a new 2100 that has been out of production for years.


Exactly. Mine died and I had to throw it away. It had bronzing too.

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