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Re: sRGB vs. AdobeRGB(1998)

Barrie Davis wrote:

Victor Engel wrote:snip

So far I'm not convinced you're NOT using sRGB. What camera model do you use, and how is it set up? If yo have not changed the color space setting, you almost surely are using sRGB.

Yes. Most cameras default to sRGB.

As Victor states, "RGB" is not a colour space, and is therefore not a colour space option. He called it a model. I know it as a colour 'mode'... as in, mode of expressing the colours

If the camera offers any alternative spaces to sRGB, it will be AdobeRGB(1998), which is to say, I have never seen any other colour space options offered in camera...[??]...

.... (well, that is not quite true. Sometimes there is a more 'vivid' version of sRGB, as well as standard sRGB.... and the much wider Adobe colour space.)

Well my Canon 5D has TWO color options in the menu....sRGB and RGB....NOT RGB1998.

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