The best camera company

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Airless wrote:

Informed, well-articulated comments are preferred, and no trolling please; nobody likes to see decent threads get sabotaged. No reason why a solid discussion can't take place without a flame war.

It will be interesting to see if it really is possible to discuss this topic without it degrading into a flame war.  I'll do my best.

My pick is Canon.  Since we are rating companies rather than individual products, you can't ignore them.  They have one of the most complete product lines of any camera company from inexpensive point and shoots to full frame professional DSLRs.  They have one of the most complete DSLR lens lineups, and they also have a nice line of video products. Their DSLR sensors may be behind Nikon and Sony at the moment, and their mirrorless offerings are weak, but all of the other companies have weaknesses too.

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