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lycraloon wrote:

Hey all.

I am new to this forum but not new to forums in general. (Belong to a cycling forum and a wildlife forum)

Ok,so the thing is I have done some research into the world of digital photography and got my search narrowed down to a Nikon D5100 (new) which I can get at a good proce from a local chain store.

Then a colleague of my significant other mentioned she just baught a new Nikon D3100 and was taking up the lessons on offer with the purchase and went on to mention that her hubby had a Pentax that he never used. So we asked what they might want for it and they have come back with a reanobly good offer and I'm seriously thinking of getting this as a second camera for the SO and as an interim camera while I scrape the cash together to get my Nikon.

I know the lenses are not interchangable but the pentax with a 300mm zoom lens will work well as a backup for closer photos while I can use the Nikon with a 500mm lens for the longer shots.

I have no idea what the Pentax model is but will look at it sometime soon.

Any ideas comments on this stragedy?

Pentaxes vary. New ones are going to be pretty good since they use the same Sony sensors as Nikon. Old ones are going to be...old.

The big drag is that lenses won't be compatible between the two camera systems; this can be a significant extra expense.

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