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Aloke wrote:

Hi Folks,

I want to buy a semi professional camera and have a budget of USD 1200 . I am evaluating the following options, please let me know your suggestions .

Option1: Canon 7D+ Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM Lens ( Pro body with Cheap lens)

Option 2: Canon 60D + Canon 24-105 L lens  ( Cheap body with pro lens)

I intend to specialise  in portrait photography .

Also in intend to purchase it from,  so if any body has ever purchased anything from this website, please share your experience.

For portrait photography, your studio setup is the most important aspect - the space, the lighting, the softboxes/umbrellas and the backdrops.  In a studio these are infinitely more important than the camera or even lens are.

Even if you're going to do outdoor - lighting is important.  Then the lenses.  Lens is more important here than indoor because you're going to want DOF control.

The lenses you need are going to be driven by the style of photographs you want to take.  Since your budget is so small, you should start with the decision regarding whether you're going to do studio portraits or outdoor portraits only.

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