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Doctor Lecter wrote:

As I scroll through reviews on Amazon, of the new Nikon D3200 / Rebel t4i / and even higher end Canikon models, I am struck by how many "it was bad right out of the box" type reviews... there are so many complaints about dust, poor quality control, and even people saying things like, "this WILL be a 5 star camera someday, as soon as they fix these problems..."

This is stuff you rarely, if ever, hear about Olympus gear... even the low-end E-xxx models just seem to go and go, and have few problems --- certainly not right out of the box!

So, I say Olympus is doing it right, at least in the quality control dept.

Dr. Lecter,

I've mentioned being happy with Olympus gear and acquiring backups of the cameras I like, but I failed to mention what you note above.  Yes, I too went through that sort of instigation and found the same thing to be true.  In my case I checked the forums and read the complaints about quality control.  Over here on the Olympus forum the only angst is about the prospect of Olympus discontinuing their dslr line, not about any quality issues.

At present I have two E1s, two E-500s, three E-420s, one E-520, and one E-3, but I wouldn't have accumulated this collection without first having considerable confidence in the quality of what I was accumulating.

While some on this forum speak disparagingly of the "earlier" Olympus DSLRs, I have been happy with the ones I have, and happy to have choices.  For example, I tweaked my right shoulder doing bench presses a while back and hoisting the heavy E-3 or E-1 produces twinges so I've been using an E-420.  I have the 25mm and 35mm lenses which are very light, but I've also rediscovered what a good lens the little 14-42 is.  I could go on . . .


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