Which prime lens would be your pick in the 28-35mm range?

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Re: Which prime lens would be your pick in the 28-35mm range?

FChris180 wrote:

Hi Jim,

thanks for your reply and sharing your nice shots. These are very good examples of what these lenses can deliver.

Did you find hard to use hyperfocal with the Zeiss?

The manual Zeiss is great for landscape photography, but I did not like it for people because I have kids and they move around a lot.  So actually I prefer the Zeiss if one is just doing hard core landscape photography on a tripod and is concerned about corner to corner sharpness, but the Canon is my choice for people shots and where weight matters.

Since you owned all the three lenses, I am really curious about the micro-contrast or "3d" feeling of both Canon 24mm IS and Sigma 35mm vs Zeiss; do they get any close?

You know I never personally found anything special like the 3d rendering many claim with Zeiss, but that just may be me.  I was very impressed with the Canon micro contrast and found the same thing with the 40mm pancake I bought recently.  It seems to me the coatings they are using now are almost L quality in terms of output - better contrast, micro contrast, saturation, flare resistance than some of my older non-L primes.

I cannot really tell the difference between the Zeiss and the Sigma or new Canon's in this regard and as I said when shooting people the disadvantage of manual focus outweighs the lenses advantages for me..


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