How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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Re: How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

This is my workflow, for what is worth

First I download the photos from the card to the computer and copy them on 2 local external disks as well. I shoot only RAW

Then I go thru them quickly to remove technically bad ones (out of focus, blurred, missed exposure, bad expressions, etc.) which have no special content that makes them worthy.

Then I use Bridge (now LightRoom) to sift thru them and mark the technically good ones with 1 star.

Then I sift thru the ones with 1 star to mark the ones that are interesting subject- or composition-wise with 2 stars.

Then I sift thru the ones with 2 stars to remove duplicates and mark the ones that survive with 3 stars.

Then I sift thru the ones with 3 stars to mark the best ones with 4 stars.

Then it depends: if the 4-starred ones are less than 10-20 I process them, otherwise I keep culling down till I get under 10-20.

When I get there I backup the RAW files with the max rating plus the ones with max - 1 rating and delete all the lower- or no-rating ones permanently (I mean also from the backups done at the beginning) and I mark the survivors for online backup as well.

Then I post-process the survivors.

My average right now is that I keep between 2% and 4% of the shots. All the rest disappears.

Yes I know that storage is cheap... and I've read the arguments along the lines of: "keep all your originals because in the future there may be better software tools that will be able to improve them further". These arguments are true but I still don't buy them because: a) every time I upgrade storage it becomes a longer and longer chore to transfer ever-increasing quantities of data, b) I have no time whatsoever to do trips down the memory lane to revisit old images and c) as I feel my photography is improving, my most recent shots are more interesting to me.

Moreover, I do strongly agree with what someone else has written about showing around just our best photos.

Anyways, all imho

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