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Re: Photomatix

malch wrote:

All of the posted samples have what I call the "Photomatix look". I think it's related to their specific application of local contrast. To be honest, it just doesn't rock my boat.

Here's my most ambitious HDR (and pano). This done with Autopano and SNS-HDR. It's a zoomable image requiring flash and a fair bit of bandwidth since it's almost 50MP in total.

That is a beautiful shot.

The left and right sides of the waterline seem to recede slightly and I was wondering if this was because the shoreline does actually recede or because of the prospective from the panorama. Or perhaps it is my imagination.

I use Panorama Studio 2 for my pano shots and it offers the ability to "bend" the center of the image to correct this. But it may be the actual shoreline in this photo. Or, as I said, it might be my imagination. In any case I have never attempted any panorama with more than about 6 images and I am stunned at a 77 image panorama.

As I said, it is a beautiful image. Thank you for posting. And I will take a look at Autopano.

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